Providing easy access to physical equipment and technical advice is on its own extremely valuable to innovative hardware startups. However, since different business types at different stages of growth require different types of support, Arc offers a variety of structured programs and events capable of addressing a wide range of relevant circumstances.

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Startup Weekend

(This project received grant funding from the Australian Government)

The Startup Weekend is a 54 -hour event where any innovative individual from any background can share their ideas, form a team, build a product and launch a startup. This event will combine the more common software-based Startup Weekend format with the rapid prototyping and product development capabilities made available by Arc.

The events will be organised in conjunction with local sponsors and will vary in theme. The event will kick off with a networking session followed by a pitching session, a popular voting session and a team creation session, all of which will take place on a Friday afternoon.

The assembled teams will then have until Sunday afternoon to research, validate and prototype their ideas before pitching them in front of a panel of judges.  During the weekend, a range of mentors will be available to provide ongoing advice and assistance to the different participating teams. Following the final pitches, awards and prizes will be given to the best teams.


(This project received grant funding from the Australian Government)

The Hackathon is an intensive weekend  event where teams with innovative ideas for hardware products, are given the opportunity to pitch their concept, showcase the strength of their team and demonstrate their perceived market opportunity.

The event is designed to connect, inspire and test the skill and strength of tomorrow’s innovators. During the weekend, different teams will have the opportunity to engage with highly skilled mentors, refine their business model and access the prototyping resources provided by Arc.

By the end of the weekend, the best teams will have the chance to pitch in front of a panel of judges where they will demonstrate what they were able to achieve and/or improve during the event. After the careful deliberation of the judges, a number prizes will be awarded.

More information on our hackathon can be found here The Arc Hackathon


While the Pre-Accelerator has been designed for candidates already linked to existing accelerator programs, the Bootcamp provides the opportunity for independent teams to be exposed to the same critical elements of such program, but in a more concentrated manner.

This intensive program which spans across four consecutive Saturdays, invites early-stage startups with a strong team and an innovative idea to evaluate and maximise their business potential. The Bootcamp provides a great opportunity for teams that are looking to pursue their new venture on a full-time basis but are not sure on whether it is the right time to do so.

The Bootcamp provides the best opportunity to answer such question by helping participants understand the realistic potential of their innovation as well as the necessary steps needed to be undertaken to succeed in their new business venture.

More information on our bootcamp can be found here The Arc Bootcamp


(This project received grant funding from the Australian Government)

The Hardware Pre-Accelerator is an intensive program distributed across four weeks designed for early-stage hardware startups that have made it into or are being considered for an existing accelerator. This program has been designed to complement accelerators run by universities, co-working spaces and corporations since such programs are usually designed to assist startups on aspects of their business model and not their product development ones. Since traditional avenues for product development are very expensive, it is not uncommon for the financial investment provided to startups through accelerators, to be significantly or entirely depleted by the end of their program. Arc solves such problems by taking advantage of its diverse resources and industry expertise, to significantly lower product development costs. The Pre-Accelerator reduces the chances of startups being distracted during an Accelerator because of problems caused by the underdevelopment of their innovation.

More information on our pre-accelerator can be found here. Arc Pre-Accelerator

Community Engagement

To ensure that general innovative community is kept informed about the latest developments in “hardware innovation” related topics, Arc hosts regular Meetup events.

Such events provide a great opportunity for individuals and business to expand their knowledge and network with other individuals, to create new dynamic business opportunities that may lead to more productivity.

Education Workshops

In addition to running inductions for members to use the resources available on premises, Arc will host training courses and workshops on how to engage with such cutting-edge resources to members of the public.

Demo Days

(This project received grant funding from the Australian Government)

Arc will be engaging with a wide range of innovative and disruptive startups year-round. In order to ensure that the best teams with the most potential are given the best exposure, Arc will host a yearly Demo Day.

During these events, Queensland’s best innovative hardware startups will be given a platform to showcase themselves in front of a panel of judges and an audience composed of potential industry partners and investors.

The event will be a great opportunity for the selected teams to attract media attention, win awards and network with high-levelindividuals and companies that can provide the startups with critical strategic and financial assistance.


(This project received grant funding from the Australian Government)

The Post- Accelerator is an eight-week program designed to guide hardware startups through the critical stages following the completion of an Accelerator program. After startups have developed their prototypes, refined their business strategy and started to engage with potential clients and industry partners, they will need to focus on manufacturing their products and expanding within compatible international markets. During this program, startups will work on refining their product design for mass manufacturing, establish supplier networks, and map out a clear strategy to engage with new markets. Arc will guide startups through these stages relying on its strategic international partners located within Europe, America and Asia.

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