Arc is a leading IOT and deeptech incubator leveraging its resources and knowledge in Advanced Manufacturing, industry 4.0 and product commercialisation, to support the development of new product based solutions to concrete industry problems. Arc works closely with both startups and corporates to help them identify key market opportunities, develop their technologies and commercialise their products. Arc achieves this by leveraging its cutting-edge advanced prototyping and manufacturing equipment, technical know-how and industry partnerships. Arc has been expanding its technical experience and strategic partnerships within the AM sector in order to better service its clients interested in leveraging the concrete benefits of Industry 4.0 technologies. Arc’s range of corporate service offering include:

Problem Analysis & ROI Quantification

Internal Solution Development

Arc helps local industry gather the necessary information and understand the true factors that are affecting costs and productivity levels within different areas of their businesses. Most businesses tend not to know what the real bottlenecks of their processes are, what new technologies might exist to help them solve such bottlenecks, nor how to best engage/source/adopt those technologies. Arc is able to help by undertaking specific research, data reviews, workshops, as well as time and motion studies. At the end, a detailed report is presented to the client ranking the recommended solutions to be undertaken (some of internal development and some crowdsourcing solutions from the market) in line with the perceived ROI and the additional services Arc is able to provide, including: 

Through its wide range of technical capabilities (in areas of industrial design, industry 4.0, business development and capital raising), the Arc team is able to offer companies internal R&D services to help develop original IP for bespoke product based solutions. This includes product development, testing and deployment.

Venture Building

Solution Outsourcing – Hackathons

Where a newly developed product or service has the potential to be deployed in multiple markers and scale globally, Arc is able to support the creation and development of a new independent Venture. This includes supporting the establishment of a new corporate structure, management team and capital raising strategy.

Companies that would like to experience a rapid exposure to new solutions for their identified problems/opportunities, would benefit from industry/challenge specific hackathons where scaleups and SME participants will be able to present and test both proven and new technologies within their businesses. Key challenges will be made available in advance, and participants will have time to prepare their technologies before testing them onsite.

Solution Outsourcing – Competitions

Solution Outsourcing – Accelerators

Another opportunity to attract some of the most innovative up-and-coming technologies and talent is through the organisation of a pitch competition. Leading up to such event, scale-ups from around the country may submit their applications in order to win a prize and/or have an opportunity to trial/deploy their technology with one or more of the sponsoring industry partners. (For More Information visit the Programs Page.

Arc is able to run 12-week accelerator programs designed to attract the best startups in specific industry fields or technologies throughout the country. Arc will work with the selected startups and industry partners to facilitate industry trials, go to market strategies and raise early stage capital. (For More Information visit the Programs Page.

Benefits to corporates

Electronic Development

We can connect you with electronic engineering experts to take breadboard prototypes through the various iterative design phases, proof of principle, MVP to pre-production prototypes. We will work closely with you and contractors on implementation of cost reductions and the refinement of functionality to best meet users needs. Areas can include;

– Part research and identification
– Initial circuit design
– Circuit breadboard / prototyping / test / debug
– PCB design, manufacture and refinement
– MVP creation and testing
– Manufacturing package creation

Project Management

The larger your business grows the more critical efficient management and clear planning becomes. Arc is able to source support to manage the process of taking your product to market, forward planning, identifying risks, milestones and implementing gateways.  We are able to take over any managemerial overhead headache to allow you to focus on your core activities, i.e. product refinement, finding customers and forging relationships.


You may have a functioning prototype, but its incased in an uninteresting off-the-shelf box. We can connect you with people who have many years experience working on 3D product design and we can work through a refined process to make your product ready to be taken to a manufacturer.

The process includes;

– Understanding the product / understanding the user
– Design thinking workshops and exercises
– Market research of similar products, aesthetics, design language
– Quick form development, multiple and quick iterations
– Refinement of designs to higher fidelity, 3D print prototypes
– User testing of MVP
– Design for manufacture, final CAD packages
– Liaison with manufacturers

Manufacturing Setup

Designing and refining your MVP is only part of the journey, the next is to get your product into the hands of 1000’s!
Gearing up for manufacturing has plenty of potential pitfalls along the way, but we can help. Arc have many contacts both in the Australian and Asian manufacturing sector and we are able to find the right partner for you and to manage the entire process.
Allow us to find the right expertise for you, to convert your MVP into a manufacturable product,  to plan for productionisation, source a manufacturer, prepare documentation, build manufacturing packages and perform the critical cash flow planning, invoice financing and governmental grants to get your product made.

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