Incubator & Cohorts

Since 2018, Arc has provided resources, supported and invested in several innovative startups throughout Australia. Some of the most active ones through the Incubator and Accelerator programs include:


Vayeron's Smart-Idler® wirelessly monitors conveyor rollers 24/7 including temperature, vibration faults, acoustics and roller shell-wear to predict roller failure.

Category: Predictive Maintenance, Mining, Construction
Date Founded: 2014


TimeChi is a desktop IOT device and software platform which combines multiple productivity tools into one simple package. It works by training the user to develop good productivity habits by keeping them to a time-boxing system, with regular focused work and break periods, or "flows".

Category: Productivity, Future of Work
Date Founded: 2016


Leakster has developed an IOT enabled water distribution monitoring solution that detects, classifies, and pin-points water distribution pipeline leaks, enabling water utilities to make more efficient asset management decisions.

Category: Predictive Maintenance, Water
Date Founded: 2018

Smart Paddock

Smart Paddock develops smart ear tags and collars for cattle or sheep with GPS tracking and health monitoring.

Category: Livestock Tracking
Date Founded: 2017

Espresso Displays

Espresso Displays creates products for freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and anyone who works on-the-go. Their flagship displays are ultra-thin portable monitors for laptops and phones.

Category: Productivity, Consumer Goods
Date Founded: 2018


GoSave makes saving fun for kids. Its digital piggy bank shows goals, chores, rewards and more. The product is available for parents to buy directly, but also as an open banking platform that financial institutions looking to develop a youth banking strategy can roll out.

Category: Fintech, Education
Date Founded: 2017


Agscent has developed an IOT device capable of undertaking and non-invasive detection of pregnancy in cows through breath testing.

Category: Livestock, Pregnancy Detection
Date Founded: 2017


Blue Quest has developed a revolutionary gel based nano-scale water filtration system using technology developed by The University of Queensland.

Category: Filtration, Water
Date Founded: 2017


Vaulta is a battery casing technology company allowing electric vehicle manufacturers to save money, time, weight and space in their vehicles, while greatly increasing efficiencies in safety and workforce deployment.

Category: EV, Battery Optimisation
Date Founded: 2019


OSeyeris' mission is to develop universal access utility devices, bridging the gap between the sighted and the visually impaired. The Macaron is a Smart Measuring Device connected via bluetooth to a dedicated app.

Category: Disability, Productivity
Date Founded: 2017

Clean and Recover

Clean & Recover helps mining companies transform waste streams into productive assets by recycling solids and water from tailings and treating acid mine drainage by using its proprietary electrochemical reactor technology.

Category: Waste Management, Recycling, Mining
Date Founded: 2017

Iridium Dynamics

Iridium Dynamics is a drone manufacturer leveraging advanced technologies to develop aircraft, ground-based robotics, batteries, and avionics which outperform existing solutions in the fixed-wing UAV market.

Category: Drone, Surveillance
Date Founded: 2015

Canaria Technologies

Canaria Technologies develops highly accurate predictive biometric systems for dual real-time prediction of heat exhaustion and cognitive fatigue in the resources sector.

Category: Safety, Medical, Mining
Date Founded: 2016

Techprint Industries

Techprint Industries brings to market the first truly commercially viable 3-D Printed Eyewear solution relying on 3D bespoke fitting, 3D biometrics and 3D customization platform technologies.

Category: Consumer, Eyewear
Date Founded: 2017


GreaseBoss is an IoT enabled lubrication management system for miners and heavy equipment owners that prevents equipment failure and reduces maintenance and labour costs.

Category: Equipment Maintenance, Mining, Construction
Date Founded: 2019


Macrobotix develops large scale hydraulic robots capable of autonomously painting buildings up to 8m high, significantly reducing the time, resources and injuries attributed with traditional painting methods.

Category: Industrial painting, Automation
Date Founded: 2015


Recan offers an IOT powered on-demand eligible recycling container collection service. 

Category: Recycling
Date Founded: 2019


Fabrik CNC is a manufacturer of CNC machine tools for SMEs, educational establishments and hardware startups. Their flagship CNC machine plugs into standard mains supply and is small enough to fit through a standard door.

Category: Manufacturing
Date Founded: 2017


Buildvation applies innovative IOT technologies to solve safety and efficiency problems in the construction and resource industries. Rigger Assist is their first retrofit product for cranes in the field, addressing key safety and efficiency needs.

Category: Safety, Construction, Mining
Date Founded: 2017


SensaWeb relies on its IOT devices and digital platform to provide a complete end-to-end real-time monitoring solution for any organisation who needs to monitor and report on Radiation and X-Ray levels.

Category: Safety, Radiation Monitoring
Date Founded: 2016

Augmented Bionics

Augmented Bionics, is developing a non-surgical alternative to cochlear implants. Currently there are 466 million people in the world who suffer from disabling hearing loss, and current production of hearing devices only meets 10% of this need.

Category: Medical, Hearing Assistance
Date Founded: 2017


Upsure provides a new way for tech, software and other innovative companies to get insured, reduce risks and stay protected.

Category: Insurance, Hardware
Date Founded: 2020


LYRO is creating the brain, the eyes, and the hands for the next generation of intelligent robots.

Category: Robotics, Packaging, logistics
Date Founded: 2018

OIL Advantage Australia

OIL Advantage Australia provides precision real-time oil condition monitoring for equipment in the mining, oil and gas, and utilities sectors.

Category: Equipment Maintenance 
Date Founded: 2019

Wylas Timing

Wylas Timing provides an affordable wireless timing solution for swimming and running sports.

Category: Sport TIming,
Date Founded: 2013


Laronix is generating the world’s first smart wearable electronic voice prosthesis for laryngectomy people (larynx amputees or laryngectomees).

Category: Medical
Date Founded: 2019


OrthoPrints manufactures tailored knee braces to match the exact measurements of users by leveraging state-of-the-art 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies.

Category: Medical 
Date Founded: 2019

Fledge Technologies

Fledge is developing a compact robotic sunshade for car windshields.

Category: Car Accessories
Date Founded: 2019


SportCor in Collaboration with Kookaburra has developed the worlds first competition-ready smart cricket ball utilising the SmartCore.

Category: Sport, Tracking
Date Founded: 2017